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So, I have been reading The Long Emergency. And something suddenly clicked whilst on the bus tonight.

Most of us (finally!) acknowledge that we were brought to the war in Iraq under false pretenses. Rumy acknowledged that we may be there for another decade. Lets see, 18k troops in Afghanistan, 150k troops in Iraq. Plus bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and many of the former Soviet Republics. Add into that mix a couple of Carriers and their fleets in the area.

The neo-cons are not stupid. Arrogant bastards, yes, but stupid, no. Research (according to Long Emergency) shows that Global Oil Peak is, well, now. Current estimates give us another 37 years at current consumption rates before we are dry. And cheap oil comes to an end long before that.

Now, look at the map.

We have the troops and the hardware there for at least another 10 years. By that time, we will be able to validate global peak is a reality, and if it is true, in prime position to take control of the land and the oil. Long live the American Hegemony. You have to give them credit, those asshats know how to plan.

I apologize to all of you who already figured this out. Sometimes I can get caught in the details, but I am working on it...

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Also read this article on the Project for a New American Century. This is the foundation of the neo-cons.

Note our complete inability to set a rational energy policy. The American economy is unsustainable without appropriating an obscene percentage of the world's energy. The neo-cons aren't trying to fix that, they're simply trying to ensure that we last the longest. I suppose they hope that oil won't actually run out, or that some miracle energy source will be invented. Or like the Christian nutter fringe, that Jee-zus will descend and make it all moot.

Also keep in mind that "national security" in neo-con context doesn't mean what you think it means. It's not protecting the borders, keeping citizens safe, guarding our nukes -- all that stuff that they sell to us in campaign speeches. It's maintaining our economic system. As it was said, "what's good for GM is good for America", so goes with protecting what's important -- that the rich stay rich, the powerful stay in power.

Not bummed out enough yet? Ok, just look at what the Democrats have done, the so-called party of the people. They're playing by the same script, beholden to the same interests. They just put a better veneer on it and occasionally throw a bone to the lower- and middle-class to keep them happy.

Meh. Time to get back to work...

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