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Russia says US violating press freedom
You know the world is a strange place when Russia is accusing the US of violating freedom.

The Russian Interior Ministry has denounced the arrest of U.S. journalist Judith Miller who refused to reveal her source, Itar-Tass reported Thursday. The decision violates journalists' rights and the freedom of press, the Ministry said.


I grew up in a time when the Soviets were our enemy, and represented all that was bad about government and society - corruption, your own citizens going hungry, limited freedom, secret police... Hey! Wait a sec, that seems to be happening here. I know, i know, by saying that I am helping the terrorists win.

Let me try to be a good little citizen, "I am a God-fearing Christian and we just have to have faith that what God is telling Bush to do is the right thing." Oh, wait, that's right, I do not believe any of that shit.

I think my insomnia makes me even more cynical.

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I'm torn on this issue, actually. I support the concept of journalist confidentiality in whistleblower cases, where someone is revealing a crime or injustice and may face retribution. But this isn't about whistleblowing, this is about a purely political offensive involving a treasonous act, outing a CIA operative.

Let's assume the outing of a CIA operative was done to show a crime committed by the operative or the CIA in general. Someone ends up leaking the agent's name to right a wrong in that case. Fine, no problem with journalist confidentiality.

However in this case, the CIA operative was outed to punish her husband, who had the audacity to call Bush on his lies about Niger and yellowcake sales to Iraq. The press might be technically in the right to claim confidentiality, but morally this path is highly suspect. These reporters were used as political tools. Which is more damning -- the press becoming (continuing to be?) a political arm of our government, or on specific occasions realizing that freedom of the press has responsibilities to the ideals of justice?

Agreed. Now I am all for other countries pointing out our hypocricy as a country, but this is certainly a bad test case for a 'shield law.' I read an opinion piece about this from a local paper (not local to me, but not a national paper) saying the same thing, that this is not a good test case. I am not for forcing journalists to reveal sources, and I am certainly all about civil rights. OTOH, I would really like to see the perpetrators of this likely federal crime prosecuted. However, if they are not going to make a big deal of it (the actual crime), since the most likely culprits are either Rove or Libby, then why the fuss? Maybe it is being pushed because it is a weak test case, and they can further erode civil rights.

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