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Angry Morning
It started innocently enough. An off-hand comment from a friend in Oslo about 15 minutes of fame (queue Pet Shop Boys, Ab Fab) in reference to the Sasser worm trial in Germany.

It pissed me off. We are still at War. A War we started. On false premises. And we are still in Afghanistan too (which, btw, I feel Afghanistan was justified). And the Downing Street Memo comes out, which should bloody well be grounds for impeachment? What do the useless talking heads at CNN cover? Michael Jackson and the run-away bride. FFS!!!!

Back to Iraq and Gitmo. It seems many people here now believe the ends justify the means. Do they? Do they really? Torture? Violating the Geneva convention (circumventing by a handy new term). How much torture and how many deaths before we can compare ourselves to the worst regimes in history? Is there some bar that is set by the last/worst offenders? We are not bad, so long as we keep it under 1 million killed? How is that? How would you like to be judged on, "well, they were worse?"

I have to finally give credit to Rumy - he admitted, on record no less, that we could be in Iraq for another decade. Nice bit of "post-war" planning there boys. You see, I heard this a while ago, before the whole "Flight Suit" bit - we have a conundrum - how did all of our oil get under their land? As soon as we rectify that little issue, we will be out of there.

So, I am glad to see the GOP splintering under its own weight, and I do not just mean Newt and the drug-addicted Rush. Drug are bad m'kay. Apparently abusing illegal drugs is bad, but getting high on prescription meds just means you have a problem. When you are taking a months worth per day, you are a freaking addict. Oh, yeah, so the GOP and Christian right do not like Gonzales because he is pro-choice. And they are criticizing him. And some of them do not like Bolton, because, well, because he is a dick. I am with them on the whole, Bolton is a dick and should not be the ambassador to the UN. Gonzales, well, sadly, he has guilt by association. But Bush sticks up for him, which is OK, but Bush also sticks up for Bolton and more importantly his lame-ass "I will not learn" policies. I have not read that much about Gonzales, so I do not know if he would make a good Supreme or not. I do know that some of the decisions have been pretty grey of late.

And speaking of court, reporters are going to jail for not disclosing their sources. Then they say, and confirm, Rove is a source. I am writing here about the retaliatory leaking of a CIA operative's name. So, why is Rove not in jail? Lets send his ass down to gitmo and see if he talks about leaking CIA information. "Rove Jailed for Treason" has such a nice ring to it. Even if he is later pardoned by the chimp President.

I do not think their newspaper or magazine should be penalized. If they wish to not testify, I heard we have a thing called the 5th Amendment. Of course, that is being shredded along with #1. And now that I have again switched topics again, Newsweek slammed for reporting old news about Gitmo? Hello, publicly available information for 2 years people! All they did was manage to get an "official" to acknowledge that a report had information like that. Nice. They should get slammed for reporting 2 year old news, or taking that long to report it. But I am glad someone finally put it out there. And to blame them for an extremist flare-up? WTF? ... Fitzgerald chided their pleas for home confinement, saying a "forced vacation at a comfortable home is not a compelling form of coercion." Coercion. Nice choice of words there, Mr. Prosecutor. Of course, I am of the opinion that whomever leaked the information is not worth protecting, but it is their choice, not mine. Then again, Rove and Co. could be threatening their families if they talk. It could happen. I would say it is much more likely than winning the Powerball.

Oh, and why are the twins Jenna and Barbara not signing up for the service? They do not seem to be doing anything else.

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Really, you need to read Zinn's "A People's History of the United States". I'm almost finished with it, and damn if it doesn't put a lot into perspective. You know all that feel-good patriotic my-country-right-or-wrong crap that's in most school textbooks? Utter bullshit. One-sided revisionism.

The goal is permanent war. We were supposed to have a "peace dividend" after the Cold War wrapped up, when we didn't need to have a massive military ready to fight two major wars at once. That never happened, and never would happen, since it would cost the "military-industrial complex" too much money. American politics has always been primarily about protecting the American economy. Growth at any cost, including the cost of permanent war. That cost isn't paid by the rich or powerful of course, that's paid by the rest of us, paid in blood, poverty, and gross injustice.

I agree 110% about Zinn. Definitely a good read.

Minitrue reports today that we have always been at war with Eastasia. Efforts to assert that "peace" is "desirable" are crimethink and will result in corrective education in a Minilove camp.

That is all.


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