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CONvergence Report
I survived another CONvergence.

I saw so many people. If you do not get mentioned, do not take offense. I even made it to like 2 or 3 programming bits. I managed to drop $270 at art auction, and $75 in the dealers room. I got out OK... :)

I spent much time with toadnae, lthomas987, and kalmn. I also managed to visit with zannd, shoryl, laffingbuddha, stemmed rose, stephanie, rob, dickens, scott, redbird23 and jon, drakenfly, obafugakum, wiredferret, m2, kalikanzara, monstersocks & coprock, and onecheshire. I even met in person for the first time techdragon, issahla, badger2305, and newbie James. Sadly, MIA were mplsfish and sarahisagoddess.

For the charity auction, I picked up an original Kovalic (see the Dork Tower Feed). I also got two other nice pieces to go in the office. In dealers I picked up two new t-shirts and a new belt to go with my kilt. (Not a skirt, Joe).

And drank. Heavily. Repeatedly. and flashed people. Which does not really surprise me, what surprises me is they wanted repeat flashings, and that Dickens held my "green" drink from Grave Diggers for me while I did said flashing. I just have one thing to add to this portion - Storm Trooperettes, dancing on the ledge at oddcon's party. Damn! Oh, and the Dystopia party was fun as usual. Yes, Friday and Saturday nights the party circuit was in full swing and I made the rounds many times. I tipped well too. Not just tipsy, but real tips.

Oh, and many lattes from the Coffee bar.

The Firefly discussion was very interesting. Art auction - I intended not to buy anything. Really. It just did not work out that way. Iron artist was very funny.

Clothing highlights included more Utilikilts than I can remember, drakenfly's shorts, obafugakum's new flogger, and shoryl's white tux and top hat.

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New to Cons, Convergence being his first.

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