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Sore Body
My legs are in pain. After my usual kickboxing on Thursday night, I went on a short run with two of the trainers from my club (one is my trainer, and i take a class from the other one). A short run. Just from the club to Calhoun and back. Well, time was tight and we did not quite make the 10km round trip. We stopped a few blocks short and had to head back so one of the trainers could make her next appointment. We went somewhere between 5 and 6 miles... Surprisingly, i had no side splits/stitches/whatever you want to call it. Then I did lots of stretching. Stretched before and after kickboxing, with more stretching before the run. Probably why i can actually walk today. I forced myself to walk down the 14 flights of stairs to get breakfast this morning, but I took the elevator up.