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Life in the bored lane
So, Rumy says the US needs to better communicate our foreign policy. Interesting. Go it alone and "bring it on," do not adequately some it up? Assigning a Bully, who even some Republicans (I am picking on them this time since it is the high mucky-mucks of the GOP who want him in) will not endorse, to the UN? How about developing a consistent foreign policy first? Wouldn't that be a neat trick. How about explaining why we are in Iraq but not Sudan? Why is China a preferred trade partner, but we will not trade with Cuba since they are communist?

All we want is a little consistency. Of course, it is not just the Chimp. All of the presidents in my recent memory have had very little in the way of consistent policy. Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr. All inconsistent on foreign policy. Grr. But Bush could do something different. I mean a preemptive war on another country that was not a threat to us, that is sort of new for us. Ok, so it isn't entirely new. Bah. But the others were to fight the commies! The evil evil commies! Oh, except for China, because they have really good prices on consumer goods. That makes them not too evil. Except when we need to bash someone's human rights policies in order to deflect criticism of our own broken system.

And what is the deal with Cox for SEC? We need someone involved in a US$100M mutual fund/real estate scandal in charge of regulating corporations? Did I say regulating? I meant deregulating. Does this mean all of the SOX work will be null and void in the near future? Now that would be just entertaining, in a sad, demented sort of way.

Well, I think it is lunch time soon. That means time to update myself on the news since this morning...

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Oh, but it is consistent. It's all about money, usually. You see, Africans don't have any. They don't have any money, and they're not living on top of anything we want. The Middle East now, that's MONEY.

Same with China. Big economy, lots of consumers, cheap shit flowing out by the shipload. Plus they can play with the big boys militarily. Cuba? Cigars ain't enough to overcome soul-crushing communist squeamishness.

It's consistently about money and the power it buys.

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