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Con Season
Oh, yeah. Con season is upon me again. I will be at the following conventions this season:
CONvergence 2005 -
Comic-Con San Diego -
Anime Iowa -

Then, I will be broke. Actually I will probably be pretty poor after Comic-con, but AI is almost 2 months afterward, so I will be able to put together a little cash for it.

I may also go to:

I have already been to these this year:
SuperCon -
Mini-Con -

I think this is getting excessive. Six per year may be pushing it, but, hell, why not?

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(Deleted comment)
Isn't DemiCon the week after Comic-Con? That would be brutal. 3 cons in 4 weekends? ouch.

Six per year isn't pushing it! It's just right! :) Of course, our 6th convention is DemiCon, which isn't nearly as expensive as Comic-Con.

Ha, between cons and other trips, I'm sure I'll be making more than 6 trips this summer.

See you in San Diego!

Most Excellent! I will send you an email with my travel info.

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