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Chinese Closeup
I am sitting in the basement, listing to iTunes through my kick-ass stereo all on wireless. It took only two real attempts to get the AirPort Express configured. I missed the special little button that allows you to connect it to an existing network, and it ended up fighting for dominance with my real wireless network (the one that delivers the blessed net). A couple of downloaded manuals later (the factory defaults trick) and I am happily wire-free with music pumped into my stereo on optical cables. Wi-Fi to light. Nifty.

I may even go to bed soon. Miracles never cease.

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Sweet! I liked my Express when it was set up. Very handy. Once my house is back in order I'll have to get it operational again. I think when I do I'll install the modified firmware for my Linksys that allows it to use the Express as an extender/bridge. Then maybe I can get a decent signal for my TiBook in the family room too.

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