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Working for home today
Working from home is so relaxing. I get all my work done, and I can wander around in shorts and a t-shirt, plus read all my personal mail, and get little things done around the house. (Yes, I do have good time management skills, and I can work from home and get it all done, and still have time to post).

Today the plumbers are coming over around lunchtime to fix something. It was never a problem before, since the original water softener was broken and on permanent bypass, but now that i have a functional softener, I would sort of like the outside faucet to not use all my softened water....

New pipes, and a new packing nut (?) - the inside shutoff for the faucet leaks. eek. Onto my gas dryer. Not good. so, another trip for the plumbers. Soderlin loves me. Sinks, J-traps, outside stuff. This will make it their third trip her this year to fix things... Yeah, they love me.

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They should give you a frequent customer discount. ;)

Lucky you! Then again, my boss just told me it was just fine to take all of tomorrow off, and we'll just call it the comp time I've built up, and not to worry about it.

Working from home is normally relaxing, although this kitchen remodel has been somewhat disruptive for me. Yesterday and today have been stinky days -- clearcoat and poly sprayed on the cabinets. I think tomorrow that is finished, and then it's only regular paint on walls, ceiling, door and trim. I can handle paint smell, it's just the poly that gets a little annoying, despite my office's decent ventilation.

Hiya Alpaca! :)

Ah, working from home...I'll be back there someday, mark my words!

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