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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Well, in trying to control my budget, I dropped CoH, but you can still find me around EVE and AO...  I really like the idea of City of Heroes, but I didn't get very far into it, and I found myself more likely to play AO or EVE, so, there you go.  I have also successfully resisted Xbox Live so far.  Damn peer pressure.  I am sure I will cave someday, but not today!  I still spend too much on books - hey, everyone needs a vice.

Ah, yes, Beta's.  I beta'd CoH, just like many games.  I have been in at least 5 now...  And I played most of those games for at least 2-3 months after the beta.  Every beta in which I have the opportunity to participate, I try to make suggestions to make it a better game.  Some games are just not meant to be...  I am really sad to see that Warhammer Online closed it's doors, it had potential.  I really liked Warhammer FRP.  I see a D&D is in the works, although not due for a long time.  I know many people are waiting on the Matirx Online and World of Warcraft, so there may be some good new games this fall/winter.  And both EVE and AO are doing major expansions this fall as well.  Plenty to keep busy with, and all those books to read too...

Well, it is not late, but I am tired, time to hit the hot-tub for a bit and try to actually get a good nights sleep. 

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Well, sorry to see you go. I would've liked to have teamed with you at least once! I'm probably going to re-up for three months on CoH, that should at least last me until Guild Wars.

What have you heard about Middle-earth Online? That's another one that will deserve my attention, and might get a feature article, especially if I can get free stuff for it like I did with CoH :)

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