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Prolific day for me
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Eeewwww! Did I mention eeeewwwww!
and again, eeeewwww.

Psycho christians. Yeah, doing the lords work, clearly. These people claimed, at one time, to be christians. How can the government keep giving money to any of these whack-jobs. How can you tell which are somewhat decent folk, and which are sociopaths that need to go away? You cannot, until you catch them being seriously f'd up felons.

Separation of Church and State. Repeat that to your legislators. Louder, they cannot seem to hear the rational humans over the roar of the Religious Right (which is neither, but that is for another entry).

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So, I'm sitting here in the lobby of the hotel, when some old fellow with a deep southern accent starts chatting with me. Goes on about how the economy is in the toilet, and he's just trying to make ends meet, and so on, and about how he's close to retirement and Social Security is fucked up.

Then, he tells me that his wife gets on his case for giving too much to the Church. "Well, it's a good cause," he tells me. I respond with "Feeding yourself is a good cause, too." Then he starts quoting Bible verses at me about "the Lord will take care of his own," and so on. My last words before I left: "The Lord isn't working on fixing Social Security."

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