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Star Wars
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Some of you know that I am a Star Wars geek. If anyone has been to my house and not noticed, you either avoided the upstairs, or chose to block the memory.

Episode III makes up for Episode I and II. Well, almost. Jar Jar still irks me. I will probably actually see this one a second time in the theater. Fantastic opening sequence (I always enjoy the fleet battles with massive amounts of ships). Lightsaber action galore, Darth Vader... Ties back to the original trilogy very well, and you can see the extra tie in bits (Yoda jumping out the bottom of the Senate Chamber into an aircar, Obi-wan and Anakin/Vader dueling, R2 kicking ass). The music was very good (as usual). Oh, and limbs getting the lightsaber. So much fun. Arms everywhere. Oh, and Chewie!

And then there is the political fun - So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause. Good line.

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my take (mild spoilers ahead)

Lucas needs to re-do Eps I and II with the same sensibilities as Ep III. There was so much to hate about Eps I and II, but aside from a few laugh-out-loud moments (that weren't supposed to be such), I really enjoyed Ep III.

The opening sequence was fun. I found myself wondering why some droid starfighter didn't just blow Obi-wan and Anakin out of the sky while they were screwing around with the buzz droids. Or why the buzz droids didn't just swap that saw for thermo-detonators. Or why proto-star-destroyers had such short-ranged weaponry that they needed to be at 100m broadsides with each other. I mean, it all made for a cool scene, but thinking kinda interferes with that...

I'm also curious about the state of bionic replacements in the Republic. Here we have demonstrated ability for replacing limbs with ones that act just a good as the original... yet Darth Vader and General Grievous can't get breathing apparatus that don't make them sound like a stalker or horribly asthmatic? Sure, stalker wheezes are scary and disturbing... but asthma isn't very scary. Put cokebottle glasses on Grievous and we'd wonder if he wasn't just misunderstood as a child.

Let's see, what else... oh, the laugh-out-loud moment. Hands down, the worst piece of cinematography in the entire Star Wars sextet (hehe, I said "sextet") has to be *drum roll* the FrankenVader scene and his pathetically trite "NOOOOOO!" with fists raised high. Hi-larious.

The other laugh-out-loud moment was when Amidala was trying to sooth someone's concern (Bail maybe? can't recall) about jetting off during all the chaos and saying, "oh I'll be ok, 3PO will protect me". Yeah. Good luck with that, hon.

I also wonder how Yoda and Obi-wan knew the Empire had been declared. We are led to believe that their searching of the Jedi Temple and that Senate speech was about the same time. Maybe they had CNN on one of those screens in the Temple security center. Minor quibble, but the pacing gets wonky around then and the last few major developments seem rushed and a little contrived.

Poor R2. I think he has to be my favorite tragic Star Wars character now.

Oh yeah, here's another thing that almost made me scream at the screen. So, Yoda is supposed to be all wise and experienced. He's seen the Jedi completely decimated by Sidious and Anakin. He knows how powerful they both are. And yet, for some reason that completely escapes me, he SPLITS UP THE PARTY. Yoda and Obi-wan together might have had a freaking chance at taking down either Sidious or Anakin -- I'd say Sidious first, he's right next door after all, and he is the master. Then worry about Anakin. Even if Anakin escapes in the delay, Obi-wan knows that he has a weakness in Padme, so if you tuck her away in a closet you know he's gonna come running sooner or later.

I did not get that either. It took both Obi-wan and Anakin to defeat Dooku, and they no doubt would have reported that to the Council. They should have both known better...

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