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The End of Trek
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I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Enterprise. Argh. The second-to-last episode - the two parter with Terra Prime, that should have ended it. I refuse to acknowledge that piece of shit last episode with Riker. I think of it as just a piece of crap in a piss poor attempt to bridge the series. I mean, I liked the Pegasus episode, but come one, WTF? Why didn't they leave it with the end of the Terra Prime two parter? That was sufficient. That was a good ending. Just like season 3 was a good ending with Archer dying in the Death Star (oops, I mean Xindi planet buster sphere). But no. Freaking hacks.

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I guess I'm glad I forgot to DVR the last few episodes. I really stopped caring about Trek quite some time ago, so it didn't really break me up that I missed the end. I would have liked to see the end of the alternate timeline bit, but that's more to see Empress Sato and more crop-top crewbabes running around than anything else... and I can find better softcore porn in well under the hour investment to watch that crappy show.

Die, Trek, die.

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