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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Thanks to our lovely firends scotia_girl and davedujour we have more Primary and Secondary fermenters now. In an effort not to waste any time filling them, I signed up for the Ale Kit of the Month club at Midwest. And as mle292 mentioned, we also picked up another Mead and a Lager. Lager is currently in the one day room temp cycle before going into the cold dark recess that is the uninsulated tool closet. The Mead is currently occupying the wine primary. We think we are going to put in a proper wine as soon as that moves to the secondary. Hopefully also soon smaller fruit wines will be made.

We bottled the Irish Red last night. Today we will bottle the Hex Nut brown ale. We will also move the lager to the secondary and brew the Ale of the Month - Excelsior Altbier.