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In Iowa again
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Here after an uneventful drive. I have a Ford Focus again this week. Not a great car by any means, but it is passable transportation.

Facebook continues to be broken. I cannot post, I cannot comment, I cannot even "Like" a post. The new layout blows. All of the things I worked to get rid of now show up in the Live Feed. News Feed mode seems to have about a 19 hours lag time, perhaps purposefully pushing people to the Live Feed, where we have to figure out some different shitty interface to get rid of all of the crap. I cannot even post on Facebook that I find it annoying. I think mle292 talked about syndicating feeds from LJ or Blogspot, then people who insist on staying on Facebook can subscribe.

In other news, my company's Project and Portfolio Management system is borked. None of the hours entries from my team have progressed, meaning I could not run my report on Friday, meaning I took heat from the client for not having the status up to date and it is not even my fault. As opposed to the times where I have purposefully waited until Sunday to do it since my team was working on the weekend. What do you want, incomplete information on Friday, or complete information on Sunday night? Apparently incomplete information on Friday. So noted. Note that I also have to fucking drive here on Sunday. Keep in mind if I post the status on Friday I am not updating it on Sunday. I work enough. Fuck.

On a hugely positive note, yesterday was a very productive day. We brewed a Trappist Ale. We moved the Cream Stout to the Secondary. And we bottled the Pumpkin Ale. The Grand Cru is gone, the Nut Brown Ale is going fast. The Scottish Export will be ready on Saturday, the Pumpkin Ale about 3 weeks from now. I think mle292 is getting another Secondary this week so we can have yet another brew in flight.
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I am glad to know that you've arrived in Iowa safely.

LJ and DW don't syndicate content, but both can accept syndicated content. Blogger/Blogspot allows and encourages users to build a syndication feed to share content, and they're owned by google. That might be the way to go, if I could only encourage everyone on FB to accept ANY one of those, or any other blogging tool that accepts syndicated content.

I don't know if Facebook allows one to put syndicated content into the "live news feed," it seems contrary to their business model which is "Occasionally change the layout drastically. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES test the new layout for usability first. Repeat every four months."

OMG, I was completely wrong.

I did not see anything in the LJ FAQ about syndication, so I assumed that it was not possible.

Clearly, by the "RSS" link on the top of your page, it is very possible. How did you get that there?

Well duh. I searched the FAQ for "RSS" instead of "syndication" and there it was. OKthxbye.

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