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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Three years. Three years and the vendor cannot fix two typos in a key piece of automation. But they can add "My favorites." However, my favorite groups is not actually my favorites, not actually user adjustable, just another setting that wastes time for my team. See, because My Favorites can only be set and updated by a system admin.

Argh. Also, why after two demonstrations does a team need to see a third demonstration? Did they fail to take notes? No, I will not be writing your team's documentation for you.

In other news, brewing goes exceeding well. The Pumpkin Ale took the place of the Scottish Ale in the secondary. The Scottish Ale was bottled. I took a reading and it appears the Scottish Ale is a bit light on the alcohol content, but it smelled fantastic. Three weeks before I get to try it.

The mead continues to sit in the secondary and be tempting. I had some of the Nut Brown Ale yesterday. I brought one bottle with me, so I will try it later this week. I also found three bottles of Grand Cru hiding, so I am very excited to have some more of that.

At least it is not snowing here, but I would rather be home.