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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Work started today with a meeting I called at 7:30am. I needed to get it out of the way and there was no other time for it to happen today. By the time I got out of my meetings (about 10am), I found out that our development server had crashed. Server, up. DB, up. Connectivity between Application server and DB, up. SQL query works from Application server, check. Application works, nope. Crap cakes! We left the office at 7pm with the dev application still non-functional. Approximately 10 people not making much progress with 2 weeks before testing and 5 weeks to go live and I just lost about 60 person hours.

I did however get to talk to my Mom and wish her a happy birthday. Then after dinner, I talked to my Dad for a few minutes while he was traveling from Lincoln to some BFE spot in Nebraska, while I was in the thriving metropolis of Cedar Rapids.

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That's a terrible bummer about work.

I have nothing more helpful than that to say, but at least there's this; tomorrow will probably be better.

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