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Labor Day weekend!
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Friday night. It was dark and stormy. Actually, it was a very nice night. mle292 and I had dinner out at the Teahouse. Squeaky arrived home from school for a brief weekend visit.

Saturday. Lounged around for a good chunk of the day, then finished the electrical work for the bath remodel in preparation for the final inspection, which was Tuesday (today). Then we brewed the Scottish Export 80/-.

Sunday. Some EVE Online time for me for more education of the corp. Then dinner at mle292's Dad's place. He grows Cascade Hops! Oh yes, next weekend we will be picking some. Fresh hops for the next brew.

Monday. Went to the State Fair! Good times. More greasy food, more honey (Honey Lemonade is awesome!). Squeaky headed back to school.

This is week three home, as in not on the road to Cedar Rapids. Next Sunday I will be headed back again. I think I get bored earlier and earlier in the drive. Ugh, that also means I have lots of laundry to do this week. And packing on Sunday. Blah. More beer, don't want to think about work now!