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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Sitting in Cedar Rapids, having a beer. Thought I would make a post that is not stomped by the character limit of facebook. Yes, I spend too much time there and not enough remember to write in non-professional documents.

Brewing is going well. I am enjoying it. Turns out people like beer. Who knew? The first batch was an Extra Pale Ale. It is pretty much gone now, and I was slacking and had not started anything else. mle292 helped me pick out a couple of new kits to buy and we started the Grand Cru a while ago. We just moved it to the secondary fermenter before I left to drive down here to Iowa. Next weekend I am going to start the mead. I figure it will be optimal around February.

The bathroom is coming along well. It is almost complete. It really does look amazing. Sometime I will figure out how to use my camera to upload the pictures to my PC. I'd say my Mac, but it is almost out of HD space.

I have to go visit a second client on Thursday (fortunately in the same city), and then the Sales rep wants to go out golfing with a few clients. So much so that he is stopping by the house to pick up my clubs on his way here tomorrow. Seems like a bit much effort to me, but what the heck - free golf.

Things are very busy work wise. Tomorrow is pilot go-live. We have been scrambling to get everything done with the last minute updates and issues. It should be good. The client has made cheat sheets for their fellow employees, and we involved members from each pilot team in UAT, so at least those people know what to expect. We closed out probably a dozen issues over the last two weeks. Most of the remaining bugs are vendor bugs and those have work-arounds, so we are in good shape. I hope to start spending a little less time here once the pilot and Phase II design work have started.