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The Annual Convergence Report
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Arrive. Check in. Mark up my pocket guide. Hit a few panels and the party circuit. Signed up for blood donation. Drank at a few parties. Saw the Skepchicks use a bible for a door stop - awesome!

Art Show, Dealers, panels, Kelly's reading, Dana's reading, more panels, more parties. Drank lots of water in preparation for bleeding. Parties parties parties. Groping optionalmandatory.

Signing and talked to Lyda, panels, there was real food at some point on Saturday. Bled for a bit; it took 7 minutes, I am getting slow in my old age. 64oz+ of water did not seem to help me bleed faster, might have to try the Scotch treatment next time. Fought a Klingon and only got a flesh wound. More parties. More groping (no, I was the recipient). Emptied the Minicon keg.

Slow day, many people dragging. More panels, more real food, dead dog parties. Horrible horrible movie - The Apple. Good trailers and another great short by Emily Hagins.

Check out. Home. Relax. Look at all the Con pics that have been posted.