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I just saw this snippet on CNN.

McConnell, R-Kentucky, said he would accept a compromise if it allows all of Bush's nominees to receive a floor vote, "as was the courtesy during the Clinton years."

Republicans held more than 60 Clinton appointees in the Senate Judiciary Committee, preventing those nominations from reaching the Senate floor.

So, is McConnell outright lying, or does he have really bad memory? Nuclear options, changing Senate rules. But McCain, a more centrist voice in the further and further right GOP, said this:

"I really worry about when a liberal Senate and a liberal president are in power and it takes 51 votes to confirm a liberal judge," he said. "And that's, I think, very serious."

So, wow, thinking ahead about the abuse they are threatening to push on the Senate when applied when they do not control both branches. What is good for the goose... At least 1 Republican sees this as dangerous.