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Better now
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I managed to work today, not that it was much of an improvement over laying in bed for 20 hours.

When I got up this morning, I only had a headache. Felt like death warmed over most of the day. Still am not completely recovered, but well on the way.

Oh, and a quick lesson learned - do not try to sleep while very sick with Law and Order: CI and NCIS playing on the TV for about 6 hours. It leads to very fuxxored dreams.

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Oh, man. The subconscious theater that could leave to. I did that with West Wing once, it was somewhat better.

You too?!

I was poorly yesterday as well. I'm glad that you are better.

Srsly. What the FUCK was that?

That one would make a lot of sense if he hadn't been in Iowa since Sunday evening and I think that food poisoning is quicker than that. The last meal he and I ate together was lunch on Sunday.

How long does food poisoning incubate? Did I poison my mother for Mother's day?

It's variable. I think it can take several days, although it's usually quicker than that. Maybe you should call your mother and check.

I haven't exactly been keeping track, but I have the vague feeling that a lot of people I know have been getting "stomach flu" lately. I've been wondering if it might be that swine flu.

I've never been sure whether influenza involves the digestive tract or not. That thing we called "Asian Flu" when I was a kid was all about throwing up. But for years and years I've been reading articles in the popular press insisting that there is no such thing as "stomach flu," that real influenza is a respiratory disease, that so-called "stomach flu" is always food poisoning, etc. etc. But early reports of the swine flu in Mexico mentioned - guess what - vomiting. Hmmm.

Anyway, it's been making me a little nervous each time an LJ friend reports being felled by this... thing. So I'm relieved to hear you are both recovering. Sorry you got sick.

I did call my mom, but she rarely answers her phone, and her answering machine is full.

If that were at all abnormal for her, I would be worried. I'll try to call her at work tomorrow.

If it was Swine Flu, I'm glad that it's past. I certainly hope not, of course, but it wasn't near as life threatening as I would have feared.

It depends what's causing it. Toxins (your typical potato salad at the church picnic scenario) take about 4 hours. Bacteria and virus, which have to multiply in the body before they make you sick, typically take 12-72 hours.

Hope you both feel better soon.

More likely some version of norovirus (like what goes around on cruise ships) commonly known as the 24-hour flu.

I'm glad to here you and the missus are doing better.

Glad you're feeling better.

Well, since it's now too late to hope that you don't get sick at all, you might as well hope that it WAS swine flu. Catching it now is likely to provide some immunity for the nastier mutated strain that everybody is afraid may come back next winter and kill a gazillion people.

(Or not).

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