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Russian Girls, Part 2
Ok, Russian Girl #1. The Neighbor.
Live about 1-2 blocks away. Work about 2 blocks apart. Same bus. Talk to girl for over an hour and a half between bus stop, bus rides, and walking home from bus. Seem to have similar interests, travel, politics. Ask girl if she wants to get a cup of coffee. Her answer, "No, thats alright." It just seemed like a really odd statement. Doesn't bother me, but the tone and language was odd. Maybe a Russian thing. Maybe I am only worthy to talk to whilst on the bus.

Russian Girl #2. The Coworker.
So I have been there like 5 months now. Up until last week I sat directly across from her (a cube wall separated us). For something like the 3.5 months she completely ignores me. I mean we talk, but only business, and only when we need, or in a meeting. Then suddenly one day it was "lets go get coffee." Now, I like the coffee, so sure, why not? So we start going to get coffee (or tea) on average once a day. Again, we talk mostly all business. Not bad, get to get out of the office and get another perspective. Then one day she stops by my cube and says she needs to go to the store and get socks and can I come with her. Sure, why not? Then a couple weeks later she wants to run and get a CD, so do I want to run to the store with her. Sure, why not? And then a couple time in the last weeks, do I want to get to lunch, we end up getting lunch in different places and meeting to sit down and eat. Why strange? Because it is like all of the sudden, and she talks muchly about her "Honey-bunny" and how she is waiting for him to propose. So, what, am I just convenient because she does not want to run errands alone? And then the weird one. She stops by my cube after lunch - she said she just got back from lunch, I had been back about 15 minutes from my lunch - she whispers in my ear that she has to go meet someone and wants me to cover for her. I say OK. I don't care. Not once since working here has anyone asked me where anyone else is or if I know their schedule. And it certainly did not happen in the hour she was gone. Like anyone in my office cares anyway. We are all on different schedules, and take lunch and breaks when we feel like it. Oh, almost forgot. About a week ago she started stopping by a few minutes before I normally leave for bus and asks if I am ready to go... So we leave to office, get to the main floor, and head off in our respective directions - I go to my bus stop and she heads to catch her carpool.

And why do I get Russian Mail Order Bride spam on my yahoo account?

I stand by my original assessment. Strange Breed.

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Re #2: Maybe it's a code. Maybe "waiting for huney-bunny to propose" means "waiting for you to throw her down and make mad love to her." Just a thought.

I like the way you think!

Yeah, I think that counts as the general "wow that's confusing." I, however, cannot resist the ability to say that payback is hell, oh King of Ambiguity. :)

Are they really any more baffeling than the average (or above average) american girl? I have heard of behavior at least as baffeling.

do you know what you want? maybe girl #2 is waiting for you to send some signal.

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