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I O Way
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Cedar Rapids is not bad. It is certainly not the hell hole that Scottsbluff or Topeka are. Hotels are about 1 mile from the client site, traffic is light, plenty of restaurants, and a Starbucks between the hotel and client.

And today I drove about 3 blocks from the client site and played a round of golf. I am sure the course will pick up as the weather gets nicer. Today was 68 and sunny with a light breeze. I walked right on, no wait, and since there were so few on the course, no need to double up. The guy almost laughed when I asked if they had tee times or if I needed to wait for another group. Pretty wretched, as one could imagine. I only topped it two or three times, but I toed the ball a number of times. All in all not a bad day. I could feel the rust start to shake off by the ninth hole. I hit a really nice 7 iron and dropped the ball, distance-wise, right on the pin. Too bad it was a good 20 yards to the left. My woods were their typical poor performance. But I am getting better with chip shots - still need to work on follow through and judging power. Even with several water hazards, I managed to not lose any balls.

Oh, and the project is going well. And I get to come home tomorrow!

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Sounds like a pretty good day.

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