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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
For too long I have been silent, my rants controlled into short directed bursts.

What the fuck happened to my country?
A minister in some little backwater town kicks out a bunch of members because they are democrats. A few days later he resigns. Resigns? Is offered help finding another church? Why not kicked his ass out and do not want him back? How about stripping the churches of their tax-exempt status if they keep getting into politics? A church hosting Republican politicos for a day to bitch about the filibuster? Um, it has been used in the past, but it is now the last resort, since you cock-knockers took all of the little non-filibuster rules away that you used while you were not in control of everything.

Kansas is proud to be mixing science and religion? Intelligent Design people are being flown in to talk to the State School Board about why ID should be taught in schools. In science class. This from the same inbred people who tried to teach us Creationism in science class. You want to teach ID or Creationism, wonderful. Teach it in Religious studies and Philosophy classes. Not in science class. Maybe when ID starts publishing and being peer-reviewed by respected science journals then we can have a debate about it. But until it meets the rigors of a real scientific theory, keep it out of the classroom.

Ahh. Teen Sex. What a topic, and probably a multi-billion dollar industry. My favourite bits from the Yale-Columbia research? Abstinence-Only educated teens are just as likely to engage in sex as Full-Sex-Education teens. With one big exception. Abstinence-Only educated teens are more likely to engage in more dangerous sex, mostly due to bad information presented in abstinence-only materials. Oh yeah, and the girls are 6-8 times more likely to go down, and 4 times more likely to engage in some backdoor play. MMmm-hmmm. If I were a teenager, I know which girls I would hang out with.

So, then I read about this... A "must-pass" military appropriations bill goes thru Congress like a hot knife thru butter. Ok, our soldiers are out there getting suicide-bombed and shot at every day. I supported the war in Afghanistan. I thought it was justified. But, we were lied to about Iraq and should have waited for the UN before pissing on everyone and taking over Iraq. Even now that they have had their elections, there are still over 150k troops there, many not allowed to leave the service. Since it does not seem likely they will be coming home soon (which is the real way to Support Our Troops - Bring them home!), we might as well keep them alive, so they can come home. So what do the asshats put into the bill? National ID cards. Now, when introduced on its own, the National ID card bill was killed quickly. No one liked it. No one like the land grab the Feds were doing, no one like the security risk presented, or the logistics issues (these are the same people that are more concerned about my zippo than the unscanned delivery boxes and luggage in the cargo area). And another slimy thing they put in this bill - elevating the Secretary of DHS (yes, the same people...) above the SCOTUS. What, no judicial oversight for the largest bureaucracy ever? Huh?

Does it need to be said? All the bitching the Republicans have done about Tax and Spend and Big Government liberals and they have managed to run up the deficit in short order, crushed civil liberties at any opportunity, and created the biggest bureaucracy in history?

And speaking of hypocritical mother-f, er, Republicans, holy-represion Batman. Ok, the Mayor of Spokane rails against homosexuals and toes the anti-abortion party line, then gets busted in gay-sex chats and getting gay-sex-chattees city jobs/contracts. Next, Hager of some Religious college and the FDA (who seems to have somehow overturned a 26-4 vote For Plan-B drugs) seems to be a misogynistic bastard including verbally and sexually abusing his wife, and he is high-up in the ranks of women's health? And the sheep fucker. Yeah, thanks, i needed to hear about that.

Then in my third most favourite whipping-state, Florida, a 13 year was prevented from her scheduled abortion by the state. Now, if she had lived with her parents, the state would have no say in it, but since the state removed her from her parents (sighting abuse/neglect) she is a ward of the state. And the state said "no" to the abortion. Um, wait. So if she is with the abusive/neglectful parents, she can do it, but since she now is a ward of Florida, she cannot? Thanks Jeb. What, are you and your brother in a race to out pro-life each-other? (even though you both have/had capital punishment where you are/were governors) The case was fast-tracked, but I have not seen an update on it.

And how is it people cannot see the similarity between the Schiavo case and the little poor baby that was allowed to die in Houston. That was OK, because it was deformed/underdeveloped/black/poor. But Terry, that was legalized murder! She had a future! 15 years in a persistent vegetative state is not a future people. At least not a future anyone I know wants.
well, the above link is not for the original story, but another similar one.

Oh, and Freedom of Religion rules, so long as you are Judeo-Christian. A simple request - I a wiccan wanted to lead a legislative prayer/opening. Nope, not in this Freedom of Religion Country.

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Way to rant. And you managed to get anal sex with teenagers in there too. Very nice.
I especially liked the links to relevant articles.

(this is not sarcasm)

You Go Boi! Cock-knockers, I'd forgotten how much I love that word set.

remind me to rant some time about being the judeo in judeo-christian. that's a christian construction that feels very coptive to many jews.

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