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Bored Now
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So, I finished the capacity statistics for the last set of tests that were run. There are no more tests until tomorrow night. I have to pack my cube for a move to another floor. Oh, I wish I could get gmail at work. I know there is mail waiting for me, if only I could...

Ahh, tis not to be. All external mail is locked out, bah. Oh, well. From a security standpoint, it is a good thing. At least I have trillian. All the chatting I can take. Wheee!

My weekend was good. I did not accomplish much, but that was the point. I did manage to get a workout in and kickboxing, so it was not a total waste.

And now, I have friends both here and blogger, so I started up another blog there, mostly so I could comment on my friends blogs. Have no fear, this is still my primary blogging spot. I do not expect that I will post much there... This should get you there.

Well, off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of shipping boxes? Oh, well, since I have not been here all that long, I do not have the much to pack :)

And now for my political rant. Pent up from Friday night.
So why is it that Republicans are more interested in getting 7 of (somewhere between 95 and 200) judges elected, US$106 billion in tax breaks for the Wealthy, and tax incentives for the oil industry, than the troops sitting in the f*cking wastelands of Iraq and Afghanistan? Couldn't we spend that 106 billion and bring our soldiers home to their families? Why aren't they talking about what they are going to do with the deficit? Why do they think Gay Marriage is going to mess up straight marriage? When divorce rates are at 50% and Britney can get married for 2 days for fun, and anyone can get married by Elvis in a drive through, where is the sanctity of marriage these hypocrites are talking about? And what was up with that asshat in CA saying marriage is only for breeding? Hello?! The 12th century is calling, they want their ideas back!

And why don't the Democrats call them on it (ohh, ohh, i know - they are spineless wusses). Maybe the Dems will figure it out for the midterm elections, show some spine, and step all over the Republicans in 2006 (well, a boy can dream). Or maybe some 3rd party people will get there shit together, get a cohesive message, and make some strides in the legislatures. In other news, Al Franken is supposed to be moving back here to my hometown and running against that smarmy Norm. Anyone else think Norm sounds like Mayor Quimby?

And more. From this morning's news:
Apparently the State of Florida (you may have heard they are having some issues there respecting people's medical decisions) have violated its own consent laws by attempting to force a 13 year old (who happens to be in a shelter, since she was removed from her parents) to go full term with her pregnancy. She would like to have an abortion, and the ACLU has stepped in and fast-tracked a counter-suit saying she has the right, which the state is attempting to take away, as the State is her Guardian. I loved the stats that were brought out - at her age, she is 3.4 times more likely to die or suffer severe damage during birth than an abortion. She seems rather logical to me - more dangerous to go full term, no means to support the child, and oh, yeah, she is 13. Just a message to State of Florida (from me to them): Stop fucking with people's rights. Thats right, I said it. I have heard your arguments, they have failed to impress me. Now bugger off, and let people make their own decision, and respect those decisions. You do not have to agree with them. And that is your right.

Ok, really, going now...

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You know, I'm still grinding my teeth over that last one. It was so obviously a political move. The child's caseworker was all set to take her to the clinic. The child had been to 3 *different* clinics and had all the options presented to her. Why in the hell would you ask a 13-year-old to go through the trauma of giving birth? And then she has to deal with giving the child up. Or worse, she decides to keep the baby, condemning herself and the baby to a life of poverty and likely abuse.

I spent the first 18 years of my life pretty rabidly pro-life, and I'm actually somewhat okay with that. This is because those around me who also felt this way gave of themselves to address the issue. There were no less than 5 families who either acted as support families for mothers to be or as foster families. Multiple families adopted difficult kids -- kids born with drug addictions, older kids with behavorial issues, and they knew what they were getting into. Nowhere in this media coverage have I seen this child offered any level of support for going through this pregnancy; they are only interested in keeping her from having an abortion.

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