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Sneaky Bastards
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So in the midst of the economic crisis, the senate passed the $25B bill to help fund the 3 US auto manufacturers. This is the funding from the 2007 energy bill. This is to "help" them accelerate the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Um, they get money to stay in business? When they have fought increasing fuel economy and hybrid vehicles have not been part of their plan? They needed our money? They don't deserve our money. If I wanted them to get my money, I would buy one of their cars.

Wall Street Journal article
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Well at least it's not available until they set regulations on who gets what and what for... I mean, I'm sure the folks writing those regs are on our side and not auto company lobbyists... right?

CNN had an article about a month or so ago talking about a fuel-efficient diesel Ford sold only outside the US. It's their best gas mileage vehicle and Ford won't make it available for American drivers.

If they want our money, they have to sell us the cars we want. I bought a Honda because it gets 70 mpg.

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