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The job
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Not last week, but the previous, I was payed to golf. Hmmm. Well, not really payed to golf, but I went golfing on work time, talked about work stuff, and had the green fees reimbursed. Ok, so maybe occasionally I do get paid to golf.

Today I rescheduled meetings, updated 4 or 5 Excel spreadsheets, read updates on a few documents, approved time and expenses and that is pretty much it. Amazing it does not take all that much to fill up the better portion of a day.

Now, if I just had that last piece of information, I could update the Portfolio management system and get my project entered (that alone takes over 2 hours for a single project). Yeah, Portfolio management systems are pretty rudimentary yet, and this one (Changepoint) is pretty damn slow too. Once the sales guy sets up the client and billing and PO information, then I can put in my project. Each activity needs needs people. Each person needs a location and bill code. You might think once the bill code was setup, it would be in a drop-down box. Hahahaha. Fool! It must be hand-entered for each person, for each activity. Spelling counts! No, there is no way to check it before you save. Why would you even think that would be possible. If you get it wrong, you must edit that entry then save it. Still not show up right? Edit it again. Did I mention that part where each Activity must have people entered, and you have to do this for each person in each activity, and nothing is "carried-over" between people or activities? Yep. Seven activities with 2 people? 8 items to create (original project + 7 activities), 14 person entries to add and save, check each one, then roll-up the project and re-save it. Oh, and the non-drop down, non-fill in fields? Yeah, I need to find those in another project/activity and copy-paste to something like notepad so I can copy-paste them back into the new items. o.O Sadly, this is a highly rated package.

I guess that is why I have most of my meetings over coffee or lunch, or the occasional round of golf. My goal for next summer is to have many more meetings on the golf course. I mean, I have like 20 golf shirts (polos) - I should get some use from them.