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interesting times
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it occurs to me that for those in power, there is no difference between capitalism and fascism.

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I think I know what you mean, but...

...could you expand on that? thanks!

Re: I think I know what you mean, but...

Leaving aside the argument about economic v social (governmental) systems...

Capitalism is where the means of production are owned by the few and the pursuit of capital, ownership, etc. As witnessed a million times over in the history of this country along, this pursuit, or greed, is done without regard to how it is attained. The former CEO of UHC wanted to be the highest paid CEO ever. He achieved that dubious position with over $1 billion per year, but he had to cheat to get it (option backdating, because he was not rich enough).

To him and his ilk, the political system works for them, and is something to be bought and sold, like anything else under capitalism.

Energy is deregulated, so energy companies are more able to profit, less restricted by rules. Pharmaceuticals are allowed to charge whatever they want for drugs. Oil companies are able to gouge people whenever they feel. There is no real competition in most markets for services. Gas, electric, even cable and internet access. No competition, no price restriction. Air travel - how is it that three or so companies based in different regions manage to charge within $0.10 of each other for a similar flight? How is it the NWA was able to renege on all of their commitments to MAC? Because the government does not feel it has the authority to control business (just ask Palin). Businesses write the laws which they hand to their favorite politicians who execute the laws. Government by business for business is nationalism is fascism.

What I mean specifically is that the people in charge want to stay in charge and lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. To those in power who are unencumbered by the laws, the political system does not matter. It only impacts those that cannot do anything about it. And they continue making the laws to keep it that way.

Elections have been reduced to a pathetic shell game where the two parties "battle it out" and third parties are lucky to get on a few state ballots, but cannot actually manage to make a real difference. Any non-mainstream candidate is marginalized by the media, which is controlled by an ever dwindling number of companies, who are more concerned with ratings and advertising dollars than truth or facts, which would take real time to investigate and detail. A nice sound byte repeated endlessly is much cheaper and easier, and does not upset anyone preconceived worldview. (Getting off-topic a little here, back on task).

The thugs in power are not concerned when they violate the constitution, they are not concerned when the police are used to detain innocent people, they are not concerned with useless security measures, since all of those things happen other people.

Fear is used to quiet dissent and advance the agenda of those is power. Until there is real reform, it is not going to change. The rich will continue to be rich, the middle class will continue to shrink as all of our money is claimed by the rich, and we join the underclass, fighting for low-paying jobs with no safety, just to be ground down until we cannot work anymore, when another person takes over for a penny less a day. And because we still need the fear to keep us in line, we will always be at War with Eurasia or OcianiaDrugs and Terror.

[This is rambling and jumps around, but it is not a formal essay]

Hmmm. Some more kerosene?

Credit Card companies shut down segment on security issues with RFID, just like other companies, including Deibold, shut down research into their shoddy software.

And because South Carolina must have serious problems with crime, they have purchased a tank. Ok, so not quite a tank, but an armored personnel carrier with a .50 caliber machine gun. Obviously just what you need to stop someone from speeding.

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