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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
My Grandma died last night. She was 88 or 89 (she was wily and difficult to pin down her year of birth). She was sharp and had a clever wit all the way until the end. I talked to her a couple of weeks ago and we were joking about weather forecasters and shopping-mall patrons.

My dad called me last night and told me she was back in the hospital with an infection, but was in stable condition. They were to know more in 48-72 hours. I had planned to call her this morning and send her flowers. When I took my phone of the charger this morning I noticed a new voicemail. Grandma died of that infection at 10:30pm last night. I am glad that I talked to her every few Sundays. She rarely talked for more than ten minutes, but I know she enjoyed it.

I'll be in MI for a few days.

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