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strange dreams
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
So, I had a bizarre dream last night. I was living in my parents house (in the dream i knew it was my parents house, even though the house I saw was mine - but it might have been my house on their location, or some equally strange combination). See, in the dream, my house is another house, fairly far away, at least in terms of the suburbs. It is a big 3 story house, but literally falling apart, the garage roof caving in, light coming in around windows and between planks that make up some (not all) of the walls, random pipes that are in the basement and sticking outside, leaking... strangeness. I have had dreams about that house in the past (variations here and there, but fairly consistent). But in all those dreams I lived there. Now, in the dream last night, I was living in my parents house (see second sentence), and had forgotten the address of my house. Someone had suggested we go work on my house, and I could not remember how to get there or the address, because I has lived at my parent's house for so long. I then started to look for that information, but concluded that things like the title and other information were still at my house. I was looking for the safe in my parents house for the documents about my house when I woke up, and was momentarily confused about where I was, and just how I was going to find "my house." Weirdness.

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Falling down house = life in disorder. Anything about your life bothering you? Like your job? city you live in? Place you live? Even just your car.

Hmmm. Nothing really that comes to mind. Maybe my life is just an organized disaster...

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