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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Stupid MS products...  I applied the security patch to MS Media Player, and it re-wrote my file associations, without even asking.  Apparently Microsoft feels not using their products is a security issue.  Lame!  And then other day I was working in Word, there was an embedded Visio diagram, and the computer crashed on an OLE timeout error.  Apparently MS products cannot talk to each-other in a timely fashion. Lame!  If only my company would get off the stupid IE only applications, and being so MS centric, I could use a Linux system with Open Office, and then I could encoutner all kinds of different issues... :)

Then there is the fact that I am in Green Bay.  As if life didn't suck enough...  I cannot say that I am glad to be here...  At least it is not yet football season when the entire city is rabid.