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Iowa City
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Iowa City is mostly above water once again. Although some of the buildings right on the river are still flooded. Several restaurants, including a McD's off 218 were closed as they had no food to serve. Sandbags are still up in many places, including around the usual hotel. Not that we could get into the usual hotel, since all of the displaced residents are using all the local hotels. We were out in Amana Colonies at a sub-par Holiday Inn. The second floor smelled like something died and was rotting. The room itself was fine. I nearly gagged getting to and from the stairs though. The in-room coffee maker did not work and the coffee at the restaurant was crap. On the plus side, the client squeezed in all the meetings on Tuesday, so we did not have to stay another day.

Transportation was a Ford. American car manufacturers know how to build 1 car - the Big car. 2008 Ford Taurus. More boxy, taller, and generally bigger than previous models. Think of it like this - the new Charger fucked an older Taurus to get the current model. V6 that got 26.8mpg. Leather seats, 6 way power adjustable. Two saved seating sets, including side mirror positions. Auto-dimming rear-view mirror. Heated side mirrors. Heated seats. Independent climate control. Cruise control. 3+ body trunk. Lights that shine on the doors from the bottom of the side mirrors so you can see all around the car when you press the lock/unlock button. 6 CD changer that plays MP3 cds as well. Microsoft Sync for bluetooth phones and audio. Not that it worked. Typical MS product. Still like the Charger better. But a comfortable ride for back to back 300 mile drives.