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Bandwagon, jumping on
DrWho and MdP Dance
Wii DDR, with flail mode (+hand movements).

I am approaching the dangerous point of losing line-of-sight to my manly tumescence (many thanks to Billy Bragg for introducing me to this term).

I hope to incorporate this into my morning. If I can get up and dance (well, I wouldn't call it dancing so much as jumping on the DDR pad like an idiot) for 15 minutes in the morning, I think I will be in better shape. I need to figure out roughly how many calories are burning per hour to set the goal. I think there must be a chart on the wonder intertubes somewhere (heres one http://www.nutristrategy.com/activitylist.htm). I guess a goal of somewhere between 70-90 should do the trick.

ETA: fix tags

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Hokay. But why did this post get the "adult content warning" from LJ?

Hrm. Looks like I just wasn't logged in. Weird.

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