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Pope, DeLay
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France's Liberation had this to say about the new Pope -
With this choice, the Catholic Church need not fear being accused of originality.

I can see this creating a rift between the American Catholics and the rest of the world-wide Catholics. Call them what you will, but I think American Catholics are more 'liberal' than many other Catholics.

Not sure to whom to give the credit for this one: Update - Credit to lcohen:
This is the best thing that could happen for the Episcopalian church.

Now, on to Politics.
Firmly in the WTF?! category, DeLay is at it again, with this gem:
... DeLay told Fox News Radio on Tuesday. "And not only that, but he said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."
In other words, A Supreme Court of the United States Justice doing his own research and not simply bowing to my rightous views, inconceivable! Hello, DeLay, you are a fucking Rep. Just a two year flunky. Get over yourself and go live in a fucking cave, asshole. Yeah, call Kennedy and the rest of the SCOTUS judicial activists because they chose NOT to interfere with the Law and give in to your Grandstanding. And then threaten them in a not so "artful" way.

I would accuse the Dems of being completely spineless, but Dick Durbin actually said something useful - "Is it [the Internet] some infernal machine now that needs to be avoided by all right-thinking Americans? What is Mr. DeLay trying to say, as he is stretching to lash out at judges who happen to disagree with his political point of view."

Ahhh. I would say something else about DeLay right now, but I am attempting center myself before a vendor meeting...

A workout tonight, followed by some fine wine and company. I should be ok...

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This is the best thing that could happen for the Episcopalian church.

credit me because i posted it where you could see it ? *g*

do you want to know whose LJ i got it from ? (you don't know them, afaik.)

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