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Gamer speak in everyday life

I KS'd this morning. The kitty was tormenting a mouse and had it trapped in my shoe. Really, it was a mercy killing. Nothing should be forced to smell my shoes, especially the ones I wear barefoot. And Kali wasn't going to actually kill it anytime soon. She usually likes to play with a live toy for many hours before finally getting bored and declaring THE END with a zealous chomp. First there was a stun attack with a massive blunt object (the previously mentioned shoe). Then the merciful death. Kali looked at me and stomped away, complaining about lost XPs.

No more mouse. At least not that one.

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You are such a geek.

My stupidest cat surprised me with mouse parts last fall. First a whole one, which I threw away after suitable praise, then a head, which I threw away after suitable praise, then a body (headless)which I threw away after suitable praise. I think she was trying to figure out which part I wanted to eat.
Now if she would eat that woodchuck...

Just craft her some nice armour and she'll forgive you.

Kali should be informed that the best cat form dps rotation is Mangle, Shred to 4-5 combo points, Rip, repeat. Optional lead Pounce from stealth, use powershifting macro as necessary to refill energy (if spec'ed w/ Natural Shapeshifter at least). l2play nub.

Been playing my druid too much...

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