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Speakers - Car Audio, pt 2
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I received a very strange email from Amazon today. It said that the order for speakers was canceled and my credit card was not charged. It had all of the correct order information, item I ordered, but no reason. And now that transaction does not show up in my list of orders.

I have two guesses:

  • credit card processing had a hiccup
  • Amazon stopped doing business with that vendor/supplier.

Either way looks like I need to run through another search for speakers.

Has anyone else had an Amazon order be canceled by Amazon?

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Well I can't speak for Amazon, but seeing as how the e-commerce customer service thing is kind of my job I can at least speculate. Usually, when your order's canceled after you've already placed it, it's either because the order went through a manual fraud review and someone thought something looked funky (wrong billing address or whatever), because the item is discontinued and will not be back in stock again, or because an incorrect shipping method was chosen. (i.e. Shipping UPS Ground from the US to Australia.)

Very well could be that Amazon ceased business with the supplier too. And these aren't the only reasons really, just the ones I tend to see happen most frequently.

Well, shipping to Australia maybe not, but it is possible something else was wonky with the order.

New speakers ordered, direct from Amazon, not one of their merchants.

It is because you were so positive your speaker problem was solved. Be more hesitant in your enthusiasm next time. Are you a Minnesotan or what?

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