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So, I call the CSRs at Comcast. Surprisingly, there appears to have been an outage earlier today. That makes four times in a row that I have called and there has been an outage in the area. Is their service really that shitty? However, during the time of the supposed outage, I was online VPN'd into corp and was running my softphone just fine, and that is the most network sensitive application I use. So, another fucking lie by these douchebags.

I check all the wiring. Again. I check the connections. Again. I powercycle the cable-modem and the router. Again. I explain the issues. I explain it again. And one more time since they are seemingly always convinced that it is the router. "No. When I lose connectivity, I check the modem, and the cable light is off. Then it blinks. And if I am lucky, the connection restores itself in a minute or so. Yes, this even happens when my machine (Mac) is connected directly to the cable modem."

So, Friday, sometime between 9am and Noon, they will be out to check it over. They might charge $19 if they find it is not their problem. Not their problem? WTF? In any case, I would be glad to pay $19 if they could fix the fucking service. I assume they will disconnect and reconnect their connections (the ones the last Comcast tech put in), replace the cable modem, and leave. Much like the phone company, I expect I will not have any issues for another few months. Fuckers. Qwest sucks too, and does not have their best package available in this area. Verizon FIOS is not available in this area. And I am very sad that the provider for the city WiFi messed up and could not deliver. So no municipal internet.